The conference program at AMCIS 2018 will leverage successful elements of past AMCIS conferences, while integrating some new features. The program will include SIG-driven tracks and mini-tracks presenting high-quality papers, workshops, panels, and tutorials. At the program level, the focus will be upon research and SIGs.

As one of the major conferences for AIS, we believe that AMCIS is a venue to encourage: (a) developmental work; (b) emerging/ground-breaking work; and (c) controversial work that is meant to shape research discussions within our field over the next year. We will continue to work with the SIGs to define appropriate tracks, but create new venues as well for high quality research to emerge, including the four innovations:

For the keynote addresses, rather than a traditional practitioner talk, we will host a debate between an academic and a practitioner that is intended to spur interesting research questions and discussions.

For the Friday lunch, we will replace the networking lunch with TED talks from high-profile senior scholars, both within the IS field and our related disciplines (e.g. computer science or engineering). These brief talks are intended to spur discussions about research and to help to shape the research agenda of the field. We will limit these talks to 10 to 12 minutes to ensure that there are networking opportunities for our colleagues. The talks could be followed by the SIG’s organizing a “birds of the same feather” gathering spot, where individuals interested in further discussing the topic of a TED talk could meet during the conference.

We will also introduce a new session entitled “Research Speed Dating.” Modeled after a similar session by the Southern Management Association, we will offer all attendees the opportunity to meet new research collaborators. Prior to the conference, all attendees will be sent an invitation to participate by identifying a research area that they are interested in finding a collaborator. We will then group all possible collaborators in to groups of ten. During the session, each attendee will chat for 5 minutes with up to 9 people who also are looking for a new research collaborator in that research area. At the end of the session, the attendees can make plans to further connect with any of the participants who sounded like potential co-authors.

Rather than constrain poster sessions to one time (i.e. during lunch), we intend to leverage poster sessions to bring additional participation from new attendees. We envision the poster venue as an attainable and attractive submission for purposes of involving new members in the process of submitting, attending and returning to the AMCIS conference, so we will host targeted poster sessions between sessions (broken down by SIG) during coffee breaks in a high traffic, high profile area. We further recognize that these sessions might also be attractive for researchers willing to take chances with emerging or thought provoking research and will thus encourage such submissions as posters in order to provoke conversations with attendees. With each SIG hosting a poster session, it further integrates the SIGs in to AMCIS and also seeks to provide more venues for emerging research to be profiled.


With multiple members of the leadership team being former SIG leaders, we recognize the role that the SIGs have in AMCIS. As a bottom-up driven conference, we seek to integrate the SIGs further in to the development of the program.

  •  Joint SIG sessions: To further build synergies among the SIGs, we propose that the SIGs identify if any research topic synergies exist between two or more of them. These joint SIG sessions in addition to the individual sessions would highlight topics that do not neatly fall under the umbrella of a single SIG.
  • We will encourage SIGs to propose and host panel experiences that are targeted for their constituency, but will allow for an open discussion of research for those areas.
  • We will obtain input from SIG leaders in the design of the main AMCIS program.
  • For the Saturday lunch, we will replace the box lunch with SIG talks, where boxes will be distributed and then attendees will be directed towards a series of different talks hosted by the SIGs